About Us

Meet The Owners

John Furguson (President/COO)
With a wealth of experience in the dynamic world of moving and storage, John is your go-to guru for a seamless and meticulously organized relocation experience. Armed with a treasure trove of industry know-how, he orchestrates each move with finesse, ensuring every detail is expertly handled. Say goodbye to moving stress, and hello to a hassle-free journey with John leading the way!

Mary Furguson (CFO/Sales Director)
With a vibrant background spanning years of mastery in customer service, sales, and marketing, Mary brings a burst of energy and expertise to every interaction. Her seasoned skill set and unwavering dedication ensures a delightful journey for every customer, from first inquiry to final sale. Say hello to seamless service and unparalleled support with Mary leading the way! 


In a landscape bustling with big-name movers, JIT MOVERS, INC. emerges as the beacon for small to mid-size moving and storage solutions. Our journey began with a simple, yet powerful realization: the demand for a single-service provider offering logistical ease to our valued clients. Recognizing this need, we've crafted a bespoke experience tailored to the modern mover, blending swift efficiency with affordability. Say goodbye to moving headaches and hello to a smoother, smarter way to move with JIT MOVERS, INC.!

“A great relationship with our clients is more important than the services purchased or sold” --John Furguson, President/COO of JIT MOVERS, INC.